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M.C.E. Society's

M. A. Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences & Research Centre, Pune

Affiliated to M.U.H.S. Nashik | Recognized by Dental Council of India



PEDIATRIC AND PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY is an age-defined specialty that provides both primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs. The department has separate working clinics for Postgraduate(PG) & Undergraduate(UG) students. The central sterilization room looks after the overall sterilization & disinfection of instruments and materials working area. Radiology room with conventional as well as digital radiography equipment. Conscious sedation room, an Isolation room for specially-abled children, play area for kids. Well-equipped laboratory for lab work Daily seminars, journal club presentations & case presentations by PG students are conducted in the seminar room and are assessed by all faculty. Monthly evaluation of PGs by staff on their progress. Department has latest Audio Visual facilities & free access to high-speed internet. PGs have individual working cabins for themselves where they have their lockers to keep records & personal belongings.

Publications by the department:- “75+”

Special achievements of the department:-

Dr. Mariyam Undre: Best Pedodontist (Student), Women’s award 2018, Pimpri Chinchwad IDA, 2018 Dr. Mariyam Undre: Best E poster at 39th annual conference Indian Society Of Pedodontics and Preventive dentistry, Chennai 2017 Dr. Sneha Kothari BEST PAPER at 40TH Annual conference Indian Society Of Pedodontics and Preventive dentistry, Nagpur 2018 Dr. Tayaba Silotry: Best case report, J Morita Award at the 28th IAPD Congress 2021.

The vision of the Department:- CAVITY FREE YOUNG INDIA”.

The mission of the department:- 

To achieve our goal of “CAVITY FREE YOUNG INDIA“ we are centrally located in the heart of Pune city and are able to reach out to a maximum number of children. We teach comprehensive training in diet counselling, case history recording, diagnosis, and treatment plan at the UG level. We have a 3-year full term comprehensive PG program in which we teach and practice behavior management, case history recording, diagnosis and treatment plan, diet counselling, preventive measures, restorative, operative, surgical measures, interceptive orthodontics, preventive orthodontics. Use of best available technology, clinical skills, and evidence-based treatment protocols for patient care.

Services provided by the department:- Dental Treatment for Kids, Oral care for the specially-abled children, Full mouth rehabilitation under general anesthesia, Dental Treatment under Conscious Sedation.

Any other courses provided by the department:- Pediatric Endodontics, Vital Pulp Therapies, Zirconia Crowns in Pediatric Dentistry, Laughing Gas in Pediatric Dentistry. 

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