Innovative Teaching Activities​



We, at MARDC, have introduced innovative teaching methods to improve academic outcomes and promote equitable learning. We look at the strategies with growth mindset and identify scope for improvement, thus adapting to newer teaching methods that benefit our students. It is important to take student centric approach to our strategies to maximize the learning process. Given below are the few are the techniques we follow,

1. Flip the classroom

In the flipped classroom, students review the lecture and study material at home and work on assignments in the classroom. This provides greater space for peer-to-peer collaboration. Here, teachers are more flexible and address personalized help and give proper direction to the students in group as they complete their work.

2. Peer teaching

We believe in the protégé effect as it is truly said that explaining something to someone is often the best way to truly understand the topic. Similar opportunities are given to the students where they can choose the topics within the scope of the subject and teach their peers. This not only imbibes confidence but also better and deeper understanding of the topic

3. Inquiry - based Learning

This helps with thinking and problem-solving skills. Instead of plain dull lecture format we engage the students in playful quizzes wherein the teachers pose questions and scenarios to make students research individually or in groups to formulate the answers.

4. Blended Learning

The blended learning is the combination of physical and online learning experience. This was especially followed during the COVID lockdown period to make sure the students don’t lose time and valuable learning experience during the crucial period. The student attended the online lectures and attended the patient treatment demonstrations in college

5. Feedback

The incredibly important part of continuous learning process is feedback. It is extremely important for the students to learn how to offer constructive feedbacks as well as accept feedbacks and work on it for fruitful outcomes

6. Digital Access

We, at MARDC have fast speed internet across the campus for smart connectivity. The students and staff can acquire IDs to log in to the digital library and get through and through access to the international journals and ebooks. The classrooms are equipped with SMART boards® interactive displays that help with dynamic and collaborative learning process