Code of Conduct

The following guidelines for the Code of Conduct for the students of the institute are laid down with the permission of the President, Principal, faculty members, administrative staff


  1. Students’ obligations and responsibilities:
  2. Proper conduct myself.
  3. Discipline in the campus and hostel
  4. Courteousness.


The student is liable for necessary action as per the rules governed by MUHS and the institution if he/ she is proved guilty for:

  1. If any candidate/ student is found obstructing the counseling admission process or trying to influence in an unlawful manner, then appropriate and legal action will be taken by the competent authorities which would be final and binding. 
  2. All students should be submitting proper and authentic information and documents to the administration during admission. Failure to do so may attract cancellation of admission or action by competent authorities.
  3. Any act of misconduct, indiscipline, or disrespect towards faculty members, administrative staff, or fellow students.
  4. Any act of misconduct, indiscipline, disrespect in the campus, institution, or hostel
  5. Smoking, possessing, or using any kind of banned drugs by the law of the land in the campus or hostel.
  6. Possessing or using any firearms, lethal weapons, explosives, or dangerous substances on the premises of the Institution
  7. Indulging in any act of violence, ragging, misbehavior, or any gender-based remarks in the campus or hostel.
  8. Damage to property of the institution, sister institutions on the campus, or hostel.
  9. Usage of any media to record photographs, audio, or video recording in the campus or hostel.
  10. Suppression of facts or information from the Faculty, administrative staff, or fellow students.
  11. Inadequate attendance as per MUHS guidelines.
  12. Non-adherence to the instructions of the Faculty members
  13. Improper presentation of self inadmissible attire/ proper dress code with apron/ lab coat, name badge, and identity card on all weekdays /working days and during clinical duties.
  14. Non- performing of regular classwork, practical, clinical work, assignments, examinations, or any other academic activities as assigned by the faculty members of the institution.
  15. Improper usage of institutional and hostel facilities
  16. Indulging in malpractice (unfair means), fraudulent activities such as copying, and others during the assessment processes or examination.
  17. Use of mobile phones and headphones during college hours for any other purposes other than academic activities.
  18. Non-payment of fees and other dues as recommended by the institution.
  19. Failing to fulfill the criteria of conduct/ academic performance/ attendance as per the guidelines by MUHS and the institution 
  20. Remaining absent from academic activities or from the hostel without prior written information and permission, unless proven emergency.
  21. Any act of misconduct, indiscipline, or disrespect towards faculty members, administrative staff, and fellow students during cultural, sports, and social activities.
  22. Covid 19 guidelines.
  23. Any issue not dealt with herewith will be addressed by competent authorities. Any amendment made by the Government of India/ Government of Maharashtra/ Hon. Supreme Court/ Dental Council of India or the University will be binding to all the concerned.