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M.C.E. Society's

M. A. Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences & Research Centre, Pune

Affiliated to M.U.H.S. Nashik | Recognized by Dental Council of India



Our department is well equipped with all modern facilities and efficient staff. It has various undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programs catering to various aspects of experimental and clinical pharmacology. Practical training in drug assays and Pharmacometrics are supported by thoughtfully planned seminars and group discussions. We also encourage the undergraduates to undertake and participate in research projects.in addition to training students for 2ndBDS and PG students, the department is involved in teaching pharmacology to students of pharmacy and physiotherapy. We have a beautiful museum in which all classes of drugs are kept which guides students on how to prescribe drugs.

Publications by the department:- 2


Special achievements of the department:-

DR. Nazima Nazir has participated in rapid revision live lecture series organized by MUHS, NASHIK. DR. Kirti Paul has taken lectures at the Inamdar hospital operation department making them aware of the importance of dental hygiene. Dr. Kirti Paul and dr. Nazima Nazir has attended various camps and taken lectures on how to prevent systemic diseases which are associated with poor dental health.


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