General Pathology & Microbiology

Head of Department

Dr. Shilajit Bhattacharya (M. D. Pathology)


  General Pathology explores the underlying mechanisms of diseases, understanding how the body responds to various pathological conditions. Microbiology, on the other hand, deals into the world of microorganisms, studying bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, their roles in health and disease, and how they can be controlled. This foundational knowledge is essential for dental students, as it forms the basis for understanding oral health, infections, and related treatment approaches.

Highlights of Department –

In the General Pathology portion, students learn about the basic principles of disease processes, including cellular injury, inflammation, tissue repair and systemic diseases with the help of Staining techniques, Histopathology slides, Specimens, Hematology (tests related to blood), Clinical chemistry (tests like urine examination). Medical Microbiology is the science of living organisms that are only visible under microscope which includes, Bacteriology (study of bacteria), Virology (study of virus), Mycology (study of fungus) and Parasitology (study of pathogenic protozoa and helminthes). Practical exercises include staining techniques, culture media and methods, identification of various biochemical tests.

Staff list with Qualification

Reader -Dr. Anand Kalaskar (M. D. Microbiology)
Senior Lecturer – Sanjivani L. Mane (M.Sc. Medical Microbiology)

Research by Staff – Collaborative research with other clinical departments.

Student Achievments

Each year, Second Year BDS students, achieved the Distinction of being a top scorer in General Pathology and Microbiology in the MUHS examination.