General Pathology & Microbiology


The Oral Pathology and Microbiology department is located on the second floor of the Dental College and Hospital building, occupies an area of 4723 sq.ft and is well equipped with histopathology, hematology and cytology laboratories, clinical area, PG and staff rooms, discussion rooms, seminar area, practical hall and special areas for research microscope and multi-viewing microscope. 12 MDS staff members are constantly pouring in their efforts to train the UG and PG students. The departmental library and central library constantly keeps on updating its collection of literary materials. Research microscope with additional attachments like fluorescent, phase contrast, dark field and polarizing assists in advance research into the field of pathological basis of the disease process. Addition of Automated hemat analyzer helps in providing the patients with faster and more accurate
reports. The department overall follows standard operating protocols for teaching, learning and diagnostic procedures.

The vision of the Department. 

To be recognized as a center of excellence for patient care services and research in oro-facial diagnostic sciences.

The mission of the department.

Educate students towards attainment of completeness and progression towards proficiency in understanding the scientific processes behind disease conditions and thereby providing the most appropriate services for oral health needs of the society.

Publications by the department.

  • General Pathology-46
  • Microbiology-13

Services provided by the department.

  1. Biopsy Interpretation
  2. Advice on Infection control
  3. Gram stain reporting of the sample received
  4. AFB Stain reporting of the sample received
  5. Culture and antibiotic sensitivity

Any other courses provided by the department.

Second opinion on biopsy received in Oral Pathology department and AMSP (Antimicrobial stewardship programs).