General Human Physiology


Tomaso ma Jyotirgamay’

(May the light of Knowledge remove the darkness of ignorance) – Brahadarankya Upanishad.

The Department of Physiology is a remugient branch of basic medical sciences that collaborates with other departments through horizontal integration to comprehend and firmly eradicate the functioning of the vital systems of the human body. Through Early Clinical Exposure (ECE), the department helps the students to acclimatize to the clinical environments, develop self-reflection, interact with more confidence, and less stress. We maintain a competitive spirit amongst our students by conducting seminars, and quizzes to offer budding doctors a strong foundation to boost their personalities and career.

Special achievements of the department:- 

  1. Khan Faiz Sajid (First ranker in Physiology & Biochemistry in MUHS 2019 Summer exams).
  2. The department holds a record of students scoring Distinction marks every year in MUHS exams.

The vision of the Department:- Excellence in healthcare education with innovative and cutting-edge academic activities.

The mission of the department:- Our primary mission is to provide a concrete grounding in Physiology to undergraduates as well as the postgraduates to foster critical thinking and its crux application in maintaining the health of society.

Services provided by the department:- 

  1. We teach Physiology to the Ist year Postgraduate students of all M.D.S specialties admitted at our Institute.
  2. In addition, we extend our teaching services in Physiology to the Ist year B.P.Th students of M.A. Rangoonwala College of Physiotherapy.