Vision & Mission

 To be an exemplary model of dental education, research and oral health care known for highest ethical and scientific standards of care, selfless service to patients and the profession, embracing the latest & evolving healthcare environment. The College to set high standards in Dental education by imparting high quality of professional skills as well as leadership values & development of competent dental professionals through highly qualified & experienced faculty. Our endeavor is to provide excellent infrastructure & academic ambience conducive to advanced learning & provision of state-of-the-art patient care & satisfaction. 
To serves as a leading academic Institution & Research centre which promotes excellence in comprehensive Dental education, research, & high quality oral health care. State-of-the-art service is provided to a diverse group of students & patients. The future of the students is molded by providing training using innovative technologies & educational methodology by highly qualified & dedicated faculty in a world-class environment. The students are encouraged to develop temperament of scientific enquiry, critical thinking, & evidence based decision.