Oral Pathology & Microbiology

Oral Pathology & Microbiology


The Oral Pathology and Microbiology Department provides oral diagnostic histopathology service with histopathologic analysis of biopsy specimens submitted. The post-graduate students are exposed to modern and sophisticated Diagnostic & Research Techniques like Immunohistochemistry and Research in Forensic Odontology. The Department possesses a highly precise diagnostic Haematological investigations using a Haematology analyzer and boasts of a Museum with a sundry array of models, hard and soft tissue specimens, and a compendium of rare cases of oral and para-oral regions. The Department has received grants from organizations such as ICMR and MUHS for research projects carried out by undergraduate students.


HOD: Dr. Ajit V. Koshy

Special achievements of the department:-

  • Dr Ajit Koshy is a recognized PhD guide and the Department has an MOU with Yenepoya University, Mangalore and Amity University, Mumbai. He was awarded the best PG teacher of the year by IDA, Pune and was conferred with the AIPGC 2011 certificate of honour on 8th December 2013.
  • Dr Amisha Shah won the best paper at the First international and XVI National conference of IAFO at Goa on 28th-30th Sept 2018.
  • Dr Dinraj Kulkarni has been conferred a Fellowship by the International College of Dentists in February 2022.
  • The faculty encompasses two PhD students, Dr Dinraj Kulkarni and Dr Nasim Namazi who are currently pursuing PhD under D.Y Patil Deemed University and MUHS Nashik respectively.
  •  Dr Samantha Thakur is a Government certified Forensic Odontologist and has been a guest speaker and resource person for Hands-on at several Regional and National CDEs, workshops and conferences.
  • Faculties Dr Samantha Thakur and Dr Dinraj Kulkarni have authorship achievements. Dr Samantha has contributed chapters to Textbooks of Forensic medicine and Oral Diagnosis, Medicine and Radiology and Dr Dinraj has authored a series of MCQ books.
  •  An undergraduate student Mr Osama Ahmed won best work model under the guidance of Dr Ajit Koshy on the topic Sequalae of Dental caries at UDAAN, World dental Show at BKC, Mumbai on 18th -20th Oct 2019.
  •  The Department successfully conducted the first UG State summit from 5th – 7th July 2021 with guest speakers from around the world.

Services provided by the department:-

An array of tests are performed in the Department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology which include:

  • Blood analysis
  • Metabolic Panel
  • Lipid Panel and culture
  • Oncopathology
  • Cytopathology

Publications by the department:- 114

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


The Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is divided into three sections. The undergraduate section deals with the basic exodontia requirements of patients. The postgraduate section deals with complex extractions, and minor oral surgeries. Operation theatre complex deals with patients with more complex maxillofacial treatment. Students are exposed to an environment where they obtain both theoretical and practical knowledge under the supervision of well-qualified and efficient teaching faculty.

HOD: Dr. Janardan Garde

Publications by the department:- 90

Special achievements of the department:- 

  1. Our Ist MDS student, Dr. Noor Um Munamah Shaikh has secured 3rd rank in Poster Presentation Competition at 60th MSDC 2021, held at Baramati, Pune.
  2. Our Ist MDS student, Dr. Aliya Shaikh has secured 3rd rank in Paper Presentation Competition at 60th MSDC 2021, held at Baramati, Pune.
  3.  Our, IV BDS student, Shruti Biyani, had secured the highest marks in the subject of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, in the MUHS University Examination 2019.

Services provided by the department:-

U.G. Department: 

  1. Diagnosis.
  2.  Minor oral surgical procedures include: 
  • Extraction.
  • Incision and drainage. 
  • Primary alveoloplasty.

PG Department Including Major and Minor OT 

  1. Surgical procedures: 
  2. Soft tissue procedures: 
  3. Frenectomy.
  4. Cyst enucleation.
  5. Excision of soft tissue lesions.
  6. Incisional biopsies.
  7. Scar revision.
  8. Cleft lip and palate surgeries.
  9. Cosmetic surgeries.
  10. Treatment of premalignant conditions.

Hard tissue procedures Impactions:

  1.  Open extractions.
  2. Alveoloplasties.
  3. Fracture reduction.
  4. Splinting of teeth.
  5. Periapical Surgery Oral & Maxillofacial Trauma Management. 

Orthognathic Surgery (Correction of skeletal deformities) and facial cosmetic surgeries 

  1. Management of pathological lesions including hard and soft tissues.
  2. Management of atypical orofacial pain dysfunctions. 
  3. Management of maxillary sinus defects.
  4. Management of Temporomandibular disorders. 
  5. Management of Salivary Gland Disorders.
  6. Oral Cancer Management.
  7. Dental & Craniofacial Implants.
  8. Management of Arteriovenous.
  9. Malformations.

General Human Physiology

General Human Physiology


Tamso ma Jyotirgamay’ (May the light of Knowledge remove the darkness of ignorance) – Brahadarankya Upanishad The Department of Physiology is a remugient branch of basic medical sciences which collaborates with other departments through horizontal integration to comprehend and firmly radicate the functioning of the vital systems of the human body. By Early Clinical Exposure (ECE), the department helps the students to acclimatize to the clinical environments, develop self-reflection, interact with more confidence and less stress. We maintain a competitive spirit amongst our students by conducting seminars, quizzes to offer budding doctors a strong foundation to boost their personality and career.

The vision of the Department. 

Excellence in healthcare education with innovative and cutting edge academic activities.

The mission of the department.

Our primary mission is to provide a concrete grounding in Physiology to undergraduates as well as the post graduates to foster critical thinking and its crux application in maintaining the health of the society.

Achievements of the department.

  1. Khan Faiz Sajid (First Ranker in Physiology & Biochemistry in MUHS 2019 Summer exams)
  2. Distinction holder in Physiology & Biochemistry every year in MUHS exams

Services provided by the department.

  1.  We teach Physiology to the Ist year Post graduate students of all M.D.S specialities admitted at our Institute.
  2.  In addition, we extend our teaching services in Physiology to the Ist year B.P.Th students of M.A. Rangoonwala College of Physiotherapy.




Well furnished with ample facilities to provide make students aware of routine and modern techniques in pharmacology which can help to practise their profession and also treat and prevent communicable diseases which help people in the society. we also motivate them to do research work which will be beneficial for them and society. we make it a point that UGs and PGs perform well both in curricular and extra curricular activities. we also make them aware of the opportunities which are available both in India and abroad so that students campete with the world and make their and others life good. we also counsel students about employment and related issues.


  1. To train students in rational drug prescription accordance with patients need
  2. Prevention and diagnosis of common diseases with emphasis on pharmacology.
  3. To be removed for excellence in pharmacology research, with goal of improving human health.
  4. To improve the health and wellbeing of community we serve.


  1. Equip the students with rational knowledge of drug administration.
  2. Train and enable students to detect, evaluate, prevent, treat adverse drug reaction.
  3. To enable students attain proficiency in pharmacotherapeutics.
  4. To acquire new expertise in toxicology and drug metabolism
  5. Serve society by giving their contribution in prevention and treatment of common diseases.
  6. To become successful practionars.


  1. Group discussion’s.
  2. Seminars.
  3. Research.
  4. Employment counselling for UGs and PGs.

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MUHS Mandate

Library Facilities

Library Facilities

The college has a well-equipped library, managed by a well-qualified librarian and co-staff, with a variety of textbooks of Indian as well as foreign authors from all the concerned faculties. We have subscriptions to a number of national and international journals in copy as well as journals from various publication houses that are available as E-Journals as well.  



The Institute has a competent Research committee headed by the Principal. All suitable facilities are provided to the students and the staff to conduct research at various levels. The institute has well-qualified staff for expert guidance for various research projects at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Well-equipped laboratory facilities are set up on the campus with compatible staff to cater to the needs of certain studies. The students and staff are assisted to avail facilities from higher centers if their study demands, with mutual cooperation from various institutes.

The primary goal of this project is to instill in the students and the staff a zeal for advanced studies aiming at the benefit of the community and the fraternity.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Cultural & Extra-Curricular Activities

The institute promotes all the students to participate in various cultural and extracurricular activities. Every year a cultural committee is elected with student representatives. The cultural committee takes care of the programs organized at various events and festivals in the college. The students are promoted to actively participate in various events at inter-college, district, state, and national levels. Many students have participated in such events and their success is reflected by the laurels brought to the college. Under the guidance of the Extracurricular committee, various programs like the Annual Function, Talent shows, Talk shows, skits, plays, roadshows, debates, Rangoli competitions, and Dance and singing competitions are organized.

The college publishes an annual college magazine with contents of curricular fields like special case reports, innovations in the fields, extracurricular materials like poetry, paintings, sketches, short stories

The aim of these activities is to promote interaction, and awareness, develop overall personality and have fun among the students and staff.

All care is taken to check that strict rules have been adhered as laid down by the college and that discipline is maintained. 

M.A.Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences and Research Center appoints a Cultural and Sports Council every year for the smooth functioning of the extracurricular activities throughout the year.

        Staff charges are appointed to overview the work done by the cultural and sports council members.

        The members of both the respective councils are elected from the intern batch on basis of merit and participation.

        The cultural council consists of a cultural secretary and a joint cultural secretary selected on basis of academic merit and 8-9 cultural members are selected on the basis of overall participation in cultural activities. Likewise, the sports council consists of a sports secretary and 3-to 4 sports council members selected on basis of overall participation in sports activities.

        Both the councils in unison are responsible for hosting an annual cultural and sports week for the students under the guidance of their respective heads and staff in charge.




1. Junaid Attar  

2. Nazia Hasham

3. Iram Khan                                                                             

4. Arshiya Momin

5. Zeenat Khan                                                                         

6. Farhin Momin

7. Ramiz Pathan                                                                       

8. Aqsa Shaikh.

9. Moinuddin Wadraiwala.                                                    

10. Sarim Khan.

11. Sumayya Kazi.


1. FIRST YEAR – Touheed Siddiqui & Zahra Memon.

2. SECOND YEAR – Faizan Tamboli & Rukaiya Mehraj.

3. THIRD YEAR – Faiz Khan & Shah Sanakhatoon.

4. FINAL YEAR – Saleh Saleem & Ayesha Suse.