Dental Materials

Dental Materials Dental material science (DMS) provides students a fundamental understanding of the materials on which dentistry depends, covering those aspects of structure and chemistry which govern the behaviour and performance of materials in use.   It includes theoretical and practical training over first and second year of BDS, with university exam conducted at the …

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Preclinical Prosthodontics & Crown & Bridge

Preclinical Prosthodontics & Crown & Bridge INTRODUCTION:- The program in Prosthodontics includes a unique fusion of theory, preclinical and clinical work, providing a thorough understanding of the conventional and contemporary Prosthodontic principles and concepts, and to instill confidence for treating complex Prosthodontic cases. The Department of Prosthodontics of M.A. Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences and …

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Preclinical Conservative Dentistry

Preclinical Conservative Dentistry Preclinical Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics introduced to the BDS students in the IIyr of their curriculum, plays a pioneer role by laying a foundation to Clinical Conservative Dentistry from IIIrd year BDS. The students get familiar with fundamentals and principles in tooth preparation on the plaster models. Gradually, they progress to extracted …

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