Preclinical Prosthodontics & Crown & Bridge


The program in Prosthodontics includes a unique fusion of theory, preclinical and clinical work, providing a thorough understanding of the conventional and contemporary Prosthodontic principles and concepts, and to instill confidence for treating complex Prosthodontic cases. The Department of Prosthodontics of M.A. Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences and Research Centre, Pune has a dedicated team of enthusiastic staff who are highly qualified and experienced. Wide array of patients are treated in the department at minimal costs, which encompass all the modalities of Prosthodontic treatment options. The postgraduate clinic is equipped with latest and stateof the art equipment. A separate, fully equipped clinic for implantology has been set up with international standard armamentarium with different implant systems. The section is backed with a highly sophisticated and wellresourced dental laboratory where the student shall be encouraged to learn all aspects of laboratory techniques. A separate maxillofacial prosthetic clinic has been setup, specially dedicated for maxillofacial rehabilitation, in collaboration with King’s College, London. The number of equipment in the department is not only fulfilling the DCI and MUHS requirements, but in most instances is exceeding the requirements for better learning and understanding of the postgraduate student. The postgraduate program aims to train the students to successfully rehabilitate the patient’s dentition, part of tooth, teeth and craniofacial structures to restore back the patient’s confidence, form, function, esthetics and overall health. The postgraduate Prosthodontic program is designed to prepare students for a specialized clinical practice in the field of Prosthodontics. The postgraduates are also trained and encouraged to engage in research projects to inculcate the habit of research oriented clinical practice.

HOD: Dr. Ramandeep Dugal



To offer quality education and inculcate its application in daily prosthodontic management with special emphasis on geriatric care. The central idea is to provide the best treatment to patients for rehabilitation of form, function and
esthetics for lost teeth and maxillofacial structures.



To train undergraduate and post graduate students in providing comprehensive oral and maxillofacial rehabilitation with compassion and care. The primary mission of the department is to:
1. Promote overall health for patients seeking prosthodontic care.

2. Rehabilitation of form, function and esthetics of missing structures.

3. Restore confidence of patients with underlying psychological distress.

4. Strive to bring back the social acceptance for patients who have been less
fortunate due to missing parts of face and mouth.

5. Improve the quality and longevity of life for geriatric patients

6. Provide the best esthetic options for people seeking a better smile.
7. Provide quality education and encourage clinical research activities amongst student.

Publications by the Department : 184


Special achievements of the Department:


1. Best Branch member awarded by Indian Prosthodontic Society (IPS) to Dr
Ramandeep Dugal, HOD and Principal of MARDC

2. Current President India of International team of implantologists (ITI) Dr
Mohit Kheur , Professor , Dept of Prosthodontics

3. Collabaration with Kings College, London as a distant learning center for
MSC in maxillofacial prosthodontics.

4. Results for Post Graduation course 100 percent till date

5. ITI scholarship awarded to staff members Dr Mohsin Shaikh and Dr Aamir Godil

6. ITI scholarship awarded to post graduate students.

Services provided by the Department:

1. Complete dentures

2. Removable partial dentures

3. Fixed partial dentures

4. Cast partial dentures

5. Maxillofacial prosthesis

6. Implants and implant supported prosthesis

7. Veneers and smile designing.