Preclinical Conservative Dentistry

Preclinical Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics introduced to the BDS students in the IIyr of their curriculum, plays a pioneer role by laying a foundation to Clinical Conservative Dentistry from IIIrd year BDS. The students get familiar with fundamentals and principles in tooth preparation on the plaster models. Gradually, they progress to extracted teeth where they get accustomed to the tactile sensations of enamel dentin along with mastering the art and science of cavity preparation, pulp protection and restoration. Finally, they work on the typhodonts mounted on the simulators where they are trained with operator and chair positions with emphasis on Ergonomics which helps them to improve their dexterity and maneuverability. Simultaneously, the students attend the theory classes conducted by our eminent faculty as per per the schedule which helps them improve their knowledge and apply them clinically.