Public Health Dentistry


The department of Public Health Dentistry is dedicated in training undergraduate students in prevention and control of oral diseases and promoting oral health through organized community efforts. In the department, we strive to give the right kind of education to our students and try to instill a strong value system in them. The environment in the department is such that there are no barriers hindering communication based on hierarchy, between students and teachers thus ensuring free academic interaction and fearless expression of opinions. Since I firmly believe that prevention is better than cure, I move a step ahead to say that prevention is the cure itself. Long term beliefs of this motto will not just help our students to train themselves for their future challenges but also will serve the community at large for which, we all as   health professionals are committed.

HOD: Dr Renuka Nagarale

Department Highlights 

  • In the department, the undergraduate students (3 rd and 4 th year BDS) trained to take complete and comprehensive case history and indices as well as performs the treatments like restorations, oral prophylaxis, pit and fissure sealant, atrumatic restorative treatment, topical fluoride application, etc.
  •  Interns are regularly posted in three different satellite centers in and nearby areas of Pune at periodic intervals and also trained for oral health education (at Health Talk or Health Desk, MARDC) for the patients. They are also posted and trained at TCC (Tobacco Cessation Center, MARDC) to provide counseling and preventive measures against adverse effects of tobacco use.
  • Department regularly organizes and conducts screening and health education camps and oral health treatment camps, denture camps, etc. throughout the year.
  • Various days like World Oral Health Day, World No Tobacco Day, and National Public Health Dentistry Day, etc. are celebrated every year with different programmes for betterment of health and wellness of society.
  • The students are also motivated to participate in various events and programmes for enhancement of their creativity and knowledge.
  • Social responsibility and awareness created among the students through NSS (National social service) student unit, MARDC.
  • The students are also motivated to take part in various research activities (article writing, survey, different research studies, etc.).
  • The students visit water purification/processing plant, sewage treatment plant, industrial visit, etc. and get demonstration to understand theoretical aspects in a better way.
  •  The awareness rally, street play, poster competitions, essay competition, different awareness project, etc. conducts for students throughout the year.
  • Department constantly works on betterment and/or improvement of neighbourhood community and various society through oral health education and promotion.

Special Achievements by the Department:

  • Department staff, Dr Mandar Todkar, Senior Lecturer selected as medico-legal advisor (Dental) as LM member of Indian Medico-Legal & Ethics Association (IMLEA).
  • Dr Mandar Todkar, Senior Lecturer selected and works as a VM member with United Nation Volunteer Program (UNV) – India.
  • 2 nd prize secured by department posted Intern Anam Kacchi in E-paper presentation competition at National Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Conference at Pune.
  • 2 nd prize secured by department posted Intern Naseem Dashti in E-poster presentation competition at Regional Inter-College Dental Conference at Pune.
  • 3rd prize secured by department posted Intern Nida Javed in E-paper presentation competition at Regional Inter-College Dental Conference at Pune.
  • The Article regarding the COVID-19 disease awareness published by department posted 4 th year student Shaikh Rahim in Dainik Asia Express Newspaper at District level.

Publications from the Department:

50 in International and National Journals.

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Satellite Centres

Kamala Nehru Hospital Satellite Center


Sonawane Hospital Satellite Centre

Bhawani Peth Satellite Centre

Society of Community Health Oriented Operational Links (SCHOOL) Vruddha Mitra