Oral Medicine & Radiology

The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology is all about diagnosing and formulating the treatment plan. With the aid of investigations especially with radiology including Intraoral Periapical radiographs, occlusal radiographs, Extraoral radiographs, and the use of advanced imaging like CBCT. Postgraduates by carrying out a form of activities in the department under the supervision of the faculty members and the head of the department which includes elaborated case discussions, radiographic interpretations, and regular updates on the emerging advances in the diagnostic modalities for various oral mucosal diseases by carrying out the journal club meetings and also having an edge with the management protocols of certain diseases which we diagnose in our department by attending the surgeries undertaken in the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery. We promote research programs in our department, not only for PGs but also for the staff with a joint.

HOD: Dr. Vinod V. C. Savalam

The vision of the Department:- 
  • The Centre is committed to academic and professional excellence in the sciences of oral diagnostics & maxillofacial imaging.
  • To achieve the national and international acceptability for our innovative academic content.
  • To provide opportunities for higher learning for better career opportunities.
  • To make academic as well as professional education innovative and research-oriented.
  • To improve literacy in Western Maharashtra with a special focus on female education, Geriatric care, oral cancer, oral diseases, harmful effects of tobacco, and its caseation.
  • To create a competitive and cooperative environment for enabling the students to excel in their endeavors while respecting diversities
  • To develop a center of excellence for evolving cutting-edge technology in all fields.
  • To groom and nurture students for leadership roles in spheres of research, innovation, service, and outreach.
The mission of the department:- 
To provide quality education and training through the creation, preservation, integration, dissemination, and utilization of knowledge in craniofacial imaging and oral medicine.
  • To create facilities for quality research in all disciplines
  • To ensure women’s empowerment through education -To inculcate basic awareness about oral health and hygiene
  • To imbue the youth with a well-groomed personality having the capability of analytic thinking and commitment to excel in their personal and professional endeavors so that they operate successfully in a dynamic and technology-driven environment.
  •  To uphold the virtues of truth, tolerance, and accountability. It shall nurture responsible professionalism, promote mentorship and maintain ethical behavior. 
  • To initiate, sustain, disseminate and implement recommendations from relevant and innovative craniofacial research from both external and internal sources. Research activities are prioritized as part of the core business of the Department.
  • To review and implement academic programs in compliance with set policies and regulations.
Publications by the department:- 120.


Special achievements of the department.
1. Dr. Jasdeep Kaur – University Rank Holder.
2. Dr. Meghna- University Rank Holder.
3. Dr. Priyanka Kale – University Rank Holder.
4. Dr. Ashwini Pai – University Rank Holder.
5. Dr. Shraddha Supnekar- University Rank Holder.
Services provided by the department:- 
  • Special Section Was Diagnosis And Medical Management of Potential Malignant Diseases.
  • Chair-Side Investigations Such As Toluidine Blue staining / Lugols Iodine And Exfoliative Cytology are Carried Out.
  • We Screen The Patients For Oral Cancer And Basic Investigative Procedures Like FNAC And Biopsy.
  • We have Special Pain Clinics And TMJ Clinics Where TMJ Disorders And Other Facial Pains, Neuralgias Are Dealt With.
  • We are able To Carry Out a Few Palliative Therapies As A Part Of The Management Of TMJ Disorders Such As Tens Therapy(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)
  • Diagnosis and Management Of Oral Manifestations Of Systemic Diseases
  • Tobacco Cessation Cell (TCC)
  • Intraoral Periapical Radiographs.
  • Bitewing Radiographs.
  • Occlusal Radiographs.
  • Digital Extra Oral Radiographs.
  • Advanced Imaging CBCT