Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics


The Department provides conservative care to preserve teeth damaged from various causes (e.g. caries, trauma, etc.) rather than extracting teeth. The department conducts various researches and treatments including esthetic and conservative restorations, root canal treatments, tooth bleaching, apical surgery under a dental operating microscope, tooth transplantation and replantation for rehabilitation of original tooth anatomy and oral function, use of minimal intervention methods such as LASERS (soft and hard tissue) which will enhance the general health and welfare of our patients. 

HOD: Dr. Vivek Hegde

Publications by the department:-  More than 100 national and international publications.

The vision of the Department:-

To be internationally recognized as a leader in education, research, patient care, and service and to give an output of excellent future clinicians and academicians with equally motivated treatment impartations for patients.

The mission of the department:- 
To be known for innovative dental education, commitment to cultural diversity, discovery and transfer of scientific knowledge, and superior skills to our graduates in order to achieve the highest degree of patient care and service. To bring out high standards in teaching and learning with more focus on problem-based learning and evidence-based dentistry.

Special achievements of the department:- 
Department conducts Diploma and Master’s in oral laser application (SOLA) every year. Department conducts basic and advanced training workshops on magnification for post-graduate students. The department is equipped with two dental operating microscopes for postgraduate students. The Department in association with the Indian Endodontic society conducts the ISTHMUS conference that includes lectures and scientific paper/poster presentations every year. Department encourages all the post-graduate students to use a rubber dam and magnification daily. The department conducts CDE programs (lectures and hands-on) for undergraduate and postgraduate students every month. 

Services provided by the department:- 
The department offers the following services:
  • Root canal Treatment
  • Endodontic surgeries
  • Metallic & nonmetallic restorations
  • Esthetic Restorations
  • Regenerative Endodontics
  • Management of Traumatic injuries
  • Use of LASERS
  • Non-Surgical and Surgical Retreatment Procedures
  • Vital and Non-vital Bleaching
  • Management of Open Apex
  • Vital Pulp Therapy ( Indirect pulp capping, direct pulp capping, Pulpotomy, and pulpectomy)

Any other courses provided by the department:- Diploma and masters in oral LASER application (SOLA)