General Pathology & Microbiology


The department of General Pathology & Microbiology is involved in the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students of the institute. The department also participates in interdisciplinary activities and research activities. Regular discussions on biopsy material are held. The department also actively participates in CDE programs which are also undertaken by the departmental faculty. The department has a well-equipped practical hall and museum with all relevant biological mounted specimens to support practical teaching. The teaching is well supported with IT backup provided. Regular evaluation and feedback from students provide a strong foundation for the enhancement of teaching and research activities.

The vision of the Department. 

To impart a comprehensive concept of Pathology & Microbiology so as to provide an understanding of the pathological basis and clinical correlation of disease presentation and management in dental sciences.

The mission of the department.

To develop a high-quality teaching and learning objective with a zest for the ever-expanding scope and use of evolving methodology and technology. Enthuse the staff to achieve the highest standards in delivery in the field of teaching, technology, and application in clinical practice.

Publications by the department

Pathology 46 
Microbiology 13 
TOTAL = 59

Special achievements of the department.

  1. Innovative teaching, and learning methods.
  2. Guiding PG/UG in research work.
  3. Arranging webinars for teaching faculty to upgrade the standards.

Services provided by the department.

  1. Biopsy Interpretation
  2. Advice on Infection control
  3. Gram stain reporting of the sample received
  4. AFB Stain reporting of the sample received
  5. Culture and antibiotic sensitivity

Any other courses provided by the department.

Second opinion on biopsy received in Oral Pathology department and AMSP (Antimicrobial stewardship programs).